iXperium iXperience

‘The race between education and  technology should become a race of education with technology’ – Michael Fullan

On the first of April, a field trip to the iXperium was planned. On this day we were indulged in all the tools they provide here in the iXperium centre. In order to really learn and absorb  all the information we were about to receive on this day, we had to prepare ourselves. since there were three different workshops of which you could choose, you really had to choose deliberately. The three categories were:

EDVid: this workshop was all about using video in the classroom in order to enhance or transform language learning of your pupils.

Edshare: this one was about the use of technology to facilitate or enhance cooperative learning. In other words; collaborative learning  with technology.

Edlab: with this workshop you could explore all the technological applications for augmented reality. I thought this workshop would really add value to this course, since you could really throw yourself into all the tools and find out which of them are applicable to language learning or teaching. So therefore I really wanted to attend this workshop. I had high expectations and I anticipated that the workshop would be really fun! Unfortunately, I had more expectations than I actually should have had. I thought we would have done something completely different. That we were actually exposed to all the tools by ‘professionals’. I thought that they were going to teach us what and how we could integrate these tools inside the classroom. But instead we had to discover what these tools are by ourselves, which is a decent strategy to discover them but we couldn’t try them all out in that amount of time. each group had to create an activity with one of the tools. My group chose to experiment with virtual reality glasses. This is indeed an amazing tool to use inside the classroom. Especially when you teach English, you could use a limitless amount of function and notions to reach your goals. However, not every school has access to these virtual reality glasses and this tool is still progressing every day. I think we should wait with the usage of virtual reality glasses until we they are more accessible for us. another tool we could ‘play’ with was the green screen. I thought this was really fun to use as a kind of introduction to a certain topic. You could create a fun introduction by yourself and show this to your pupils at your internship. I will definitely consider doing this!

After this field trip, I discovered the Ixperium centre. I knew it was there but now I know it is worth to just walk inside and take a  look to see the progress of technology!

It would have been nice if we could have shared our experiences with those who attended the other workshops to expand our knowledge.. or I should just read their blog entries about their Experiences!




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