Course evaluation

Unfortunately, we have reached the day in which all students are writing up their final blog posts. Looking back at this course, I realise I have learned many interesting and useful things. I have to say that I was not really fond of using technology in class. however, after the classes and especially after the tell design assignment we had to present, I started to think differently. It made me aware that we are surrounded by technology and will most definitely be surrounded for many many other years. Therefore we should benefit from it rather than push it away. We should benefit from it wisely and integrate it in such a way that not only our pupils learn the methodology but also learn to use technology.

Blogging about my own experiences with technology really helped me by choosing how I want to use technology. It is very practical to blog and reflect on your own learning process. In this way, you deliberately choose what you want to write and how you want to write it.  I also liked the fact that I could read other blogs. It is interesting to see how my fellow students think about technology. Apart from that, you learn a lot about technology itself. Some of the blog entries I have read were really fascinating!

I expected more of the field trip. I really looked forward seeing all the playful tools and really learning a lot! However, this was not the case. nothing much was done other than the fact that we could play around with the tools.

I have to say that I learned to use technology wisely and learned to positive side of technology in class throughout this course!

Let’s see where we end up with technology…


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