E-books inside the class

These days, you hardly ever see people actually reading old-fashioned paper books. I am personally really keen on reading a book which I can really hold in my hands and grab whenever I want, without charging it. However, technology has had its influence on how people read nowadays. The famous e-books are now a substitute for the physical books. Many people are reading books on a e-reader. I definitely agree that using an e-reader has many advantages. The books you purchase are less expensive and you don’t need to carry those bulky books with you since you have them all in one flat screen.

E-books are indeed a nice tool to read books with and therefore I was really interested in how e-readers are used inside the classroom. So in order to find out whether they add value and increase motivation I searched on the internet to see how e-books are used in class. I came across many thought-provoking sites.

One of the most reliable sites is the Oxford University Press. Here you can find information on a great amount of topics. There might be teachers around the world who are thinking why they should introduce e-readers in their class when they can just walk to their school library and grab a bunch of books to read. Teachers who are thinking that they are not able to handle classroom management with regard to introducing e-books. However, this should not be different from classroom management using other familiar tools. Beside that, the flexibilty e-readers brings with them inside the classroom is limitless. Your students are able to choose whether they want to read or to listen to an audio-track. Students can also listen to graded-readers and read at the same time!  They can also replay a section and record their own voice. In this way they can also practice their own pronunciation. If we take a look at the SAMR model, e-readers are no longer seen as a subsititution but rather as augmentation.

In this table below, you can find more possibilities for using e-readers in class.


Since the multiple intelligences are in the centre of focus lately, e-readers add a great amount of value to meet our students’ need. By using e-readers in class, students can,as said, read books when they want and how they want.

I think using e-readers inside the classroom add a lot of value to your lessons as long as you integrate them wisely!

#IATEFL – The digital classroom: change of medium or change of methodology?


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