Tell assignment

In week 7 of our course, we had to present a tell-proof activity  which you could use in your own placement school.  Many interesting and useful ideas came across during the presentations given by our fellow students. For me it was a real eye-opener since the only tool I had ever used in class was power point. Outrageous isn’t? I bet many other teachers use nothing but just power point. However, after the presentation I’ve discovered many other tools to engage my students with the methodology as well as technology.

To start with:

Powtoon This tool was presented by Nicole and I. Nicole already created an activity  in which she wanted to use powtoon as a tool. However, I never had heard about powtoon before. At first, I thought this programme was too complicated to use, but Nicole showed me the oppositeIt was actually fun to make your own powtoon. You can adapt it to your learners’ need  and integrate Mayer’s principles as much as possible. Especially the principles of reducing extraneous processing. Since you can present animation and narration anywhere you want. Moreover, you could not only create a powtoon yourself but you could also let your pupils create their own powtoon based on the methodology. In this way they explain a grammar item via powtoon.

Twitter one group presented twitter. I really liked the idea of using twitter in class. Especially when you’re teaching vocabulary. Students learn in a very pleasant way and they use technology in a very effective way as well! Moreover, this is one example of integrating the digital literacy model in your lessons. One area digital literacies focusses on is ‘connection’. Your pupils work in the same social network place in which they can share their knowledge. One thing you should take into consideration when using twitter is the level of your pupils. I think this is a nice tool to use with third or fourth year graders. Some interesting ideas: you could tweet one word from their vocabulary list. Ask your pupils to write a sentence with this word. You could also ask them to tweet a picture. You could do a limitless amount of activities with twitter!





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