Another interesting subject we talked about in class was gamification. I really wanted to know how you could integrate games in your lessons. since using digital games inside the classroom is not very doable. At least, that’s what I think.. I already find it difficult to play real life games with my students. let alone letting them play games with their devices!                I sometimes feel that we are trying to hard to make learning ‘fun’ by using different kind of tools and games. I acknowledge that as a teacher you should make your lessons engaging  and make learning fun but we can also manage that without using these games and tools right? (maybe a bit too straitlaced now?).

Nevertheless, After today’s lesson I felt an urge to look into this subject and see what gamification is. Is it really just for the fun? After searching on the internet, I came across some interesting sites and videos.

These are the things I came across that might be handy to take into consideration when integrating games in your class.

SAMR for Gamification:

This model really shows how gamification is integrated into the SAMR model. With this model you can link the material with gamification. I found this very practical since you can   actually see what type of things you could adapt in the SAMR model.

User types for gamification:


It’s good to know who is going to take part in your gamified system. So before you are going to integrate any game in your lessons, be aware of people experiencing fun in different ways. This is  a decent model which identifies the four different ‘users’.

Another compelling site is An interesting site where people blog about gamification.

above all, I understand why people want to use gamification. However,  In order to use it by myself, I need more background information and of course an engaging  and relatable game for my pupils.







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