Technowledge me …

This blog is all about technology in class.

During this study, I have learned that becoming a teacher in the 21st century means more than just mastering the methodology. Teaching young learners the same way as it was taught 30 years ago is impossible nowadays. I have to admit that I prefer the traditional way of teaching. However, to become a teacher you have to have more skills than just knowing all the irregular verbs by heart( I still don’t know them all by heart btw.) Becoming a teacher means providing your students with more than just Stepping Stones or any other book, It means to give them access to the world of internet. This means that you  should be able to use technology cleverly inside your classroom.

Young learners are surrounded with technology. They bring their devices into the classroom and are more engaged with their mobile phones than with the subject you are teaching, which really annoys me. In order to connect the subject, in this case English, with technology we have to overcome our fears and experiment with it in class and I am definitely willing to do that.

I’m not really keen on technology in class and therefore I hope to learn a lot about technology in this course. I know how to create a power point, so that’s something I guess?

I’m definitely into more technowlegde!


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